1. Identification of good speakers.
2. Folksongs, geet, gazal, monoacting, histronics.
3. Shabad/Bhajan.
4. Identification of good writers (Paragraph writing and essay competition)
5. Handwriting and B.B. writing competitions.
6. Playing of musical instruments, Tabla, Harmonium, Sitar etc.
7. Campus cleanliness drives.
8. Quiz competitions, general and based upon B.Ed. course subjects
9. Preparation of charts/models or posters on specific themes, like: Aids, Drugs addiction, Smoking, Drinking etc.
10. Rangoli, flower arrangement and salad preparation competitions
Tutorial periods will be held regularly through out the year. All tutors will maintain a record of the activities undertaken by each student. The inter-house competitions will be organized in the afore-stated activities. At the end of the session the best house will be declared on the basis of participation in activities listed above


The students who show a real talent in cultural activities will get ample opportunities to compete with students of other colleges. However, the talent will be identified through tutorial and house competitions.


A day commencing with submission, provides us internal strength and courage to speak the truth. In view of this philosophy, the college provides experience to the students. This assembly is held every Saturday by the different houses. Morning Assembly provides the students a forum to deviate from the routine and get training in organizing functions in the schools. The house leaders will be responsible for preparation and smooth conduct of this function. The tutors/house incharge will be available to the students for guidance in sequencing the programme. These functions will be indicators of organizing ability of the students and self-discipline. At the end of the session, the best house, declared on the basis of over all performance throughout the year, will be awarded a running trophy.


On every college function and on all the Saturdays (in the Morning Assemblies) Uniform is Compulsory for all the Students. The Uniform will be as under :
Trouser Black
Shirt White
Turban, Sweater, Pull-Over, Blazer Maroon
Suit White
Dupatta, Sweater, Cardigan, Blazer Maroon
On all the religious functions and during the recitation of College Shabad Deh Shiva Bar Mohe Ehe all the non-turbaned students will cover their heads with white hankerchiefs.


Picnic and Tours are important for inculcating sense of self discipline, spirit of cooperation and self-help. The college provides this opportunity to the students by organizing such activities.
Other functions which will be organized by the active involvement of the students and guidance of concerned teacher-in-charge are :-
(i) Inter-school declamation/symposium contest.
(ii) Poster, Teaching-aids, B.B. writing and skill-in-teaching competitions.
(iii) Cultural programme including inter-house competitions.


In the beginning of the session there will be a welcome cultural function, `SWAGAT’ and at the end of the session there will be a parting cultural function `JASHAN’.


Prize Distribution:The Prize Distribution Function of the College is held annually towards the end of the session. The students who win distinctions in the various spheres such as academics, Competition, Sports and co-curricular activities etc. entitle themselves for the awards and prizes.
The college also holds its convocation to award degrees to the graduates of the preceding session.

Seminars:To enlighten and enrich the mind and open new avenues of thought and research in different fields seminars and extension lectures are organised from time to timeto the students as well as teachersas they provide an opportunity to interact and learn from eminent educational personalitiesand also provide wider perspective of the innovations and development taking place in different fields.

College Tour:In order to stimulate a sense of responsibility and inculcate recreational values, a College Tour is organized by the college every year. Places of historical, cultural and educational value are given special emphasis during the tour.

Sports:Athletic Meet is held every year to test the physical fitness, stamina and athletic skills of the students. All the students participate in it. And also best athletes (male and female) in various games are awarded.

Cultural Activities:In order to channelize, sublimate and orient the creative energies of the prospective teachers, the college provides training to the willing and enthusiastic students in the following cultural, literary and fine arts areas.

Sports Sports   Sports Sports

  • Dee Punjab Di
  • Basakhi Mela
  • Lohari Celebration
  • Basant Panchami
  • Flower Arrangement
  • Youth Festival
  • Extempore
  • Collage Making
  • Sketching
  • Glass Painting
  • Pot Painting
  • On the spot teaching aid preparation
  • Celebrations of great men Birthdays
  • Celebration of important days
  • Convocation
  • Cartooning etc.