The College has separate hostels for boys and girls. The Boys hostel building has spacious, airy rooms with marble flooring. An up to date mess has been attached to the hostel. It has all the modern facilities right from automation of kneading and cooking to the washing of utensils. There is a provision of hot water system in the kitchen.








There is a multi-story Girls Hostel with similar modern facilities. Its is located in the staff colony which makes it absolutely safe and secure.







Hostel Rules

Every boarder is required to observe the following rules during his/her stay in the hostel :-

1. The accommodation in the Hostels is provided on “first come first served” basis.

2. While making allotment of seats in the hostels, preference is given to the students coming from far off places.


4. Use of intoxicants, smoking and drinking in the Hostels is strictly prohibited. Any boarder found drunk or drinking and smoking in the hostels will be immediately expelled from the hostel.

5. A resident student who leaves the lights and fan ON, during his/her absence from the room, will be fined Rs. 50/- per day.

6. Extra electric wiring/fittings of electric appliances are strictly prohibited in the rooms.

7. After the completion of the session, all boarders are required to vacate the rooms and hand over the keys of the rooms to the Hostel Superintendent/Warden.

8. A scholar will be alloted a room only after he/she has paid full hostel dues for the full session.

9. Every boarder is provided with a rack, a chair, a table, a hard bed and electric fan. He/She shall be responsible for the safety of the furniture issued to him/her. Furniture is not to be removed from one room to another or outside the rooms in any case.

10. The removal of electric holders and switches from the rooms is prohibited. The defaulters will be fined Rs. 50/- apart from the cost of the item.

11. No outsider, Guest, even Father/Mother, real brother/sister or relative is allowed to stay in the Hostel.

12. The Roll call is taken by the Superintendent every night at 7.30 P.M. At the time of roll call, the boarders must be in their rooms and keep their doors open, otherwise they would be marked absent. They must not leave the hostel after Roll Call.

13. Normally a student is not allowed to go home before 15 days.

14. There will be one prefect in each Hostel. They will be appointed by the Principal on the recommendations of the Wardens/Committee.

15. The resident students must join the kitchen of the hostel in which they reside. Meals will be served during the fixed hours in the dining hall and not in the hostel rooms. Taking the eatables into the rooms is not allowed.

16. The dates for the payment of dues for various hostels will be fixed and notified by the Hostel Warden’s/Committee in Consultation with the Principal from time to time.

17. No indiscipline will be tolerated and the guilty will be expelled from the Hostel immediately.

18. Dues once paid are not refundable or adjustable.

19. All the boarders will help in keeping the premises clean.

20. All the Sikh students will observe Sikh way of life.