The aim of the library is to further an independent view and to encourage a comparative study of religions. Holy Scriptures of different religions, biographies of great personalities and philosophical scriptures are available here. The Holy Scriptures gives hints to different planes the soul has to pass through. There are also references about those planes and their function which competent Masters have discarded unanimously. To know that can be a helpful factor for the seeker after Truth to discriminate so that they may not be misled.

It has ever been the natural urge in man to solve the riddle of life. In every age, sages and seers appeared in different parts of the world and gave out the spiritual experiences which we have with us in the form of the sacred scriptures. We are indeed very fortunate to possess their fine records, for they kindle in us a desire and longing to know, and inspire us with a hope that one day we too can unravel the mystery of life and the purpose of human existence.

A Master of realized truth can not only reveal the true import of the scriptures which otherwise are sealed to us, but can also grant us an inner contact with truth itself and make us theists in the true sense of the word. The scriptures to him are just handy aids to enlighten people of different faiths and beliefs. It is on this common ground of Spirituality that men of all faiths can meet together and thus constitute the great family of man.