All over the world violence and hatredness still dominated the human beings. In spite of many efforts through traditional religions and human right, the doctrine of inequality of man and races is nevertheless preached and practiced. To create and to aware our pupil teachers peace club was organized. Peace Clubs provide a platform where young people can learn skills, exchange experiences, teach others and apply the knowledge of peace in their everyday life. Various activities are conducted by peace club:
Objectives of the Club
• To spread peace in the world.
• To create awareness among the youth towards the society
List of Activities: In order to achieve the above stated objectives the following activities are conducted
• Celebration of World Peace Day
• Celebration of Human Right Day
• Women Empowerment
• Various Competitions like Collage Making, Poem Recitation, wall Magazines, Poster Making and layout etc.
• Skit/ Drama
• Seminars