College library

Library is the heart of every institute. It reflects the philosophy of the college. Keeping this view in the mind and to enrich the students’ knowledge college is providing the library facilities. Library equip with the syllabus related books, book bank, different encyclopaedias, reference books, literature, journals, magazines etc.

Library Rules:

  • Every student must get Library card issued within 7 days of admission.
  • Students are not allowed to enter the library withoutthe library cards.
  • No Book will be issued without the Library card.
  • Reference books and Magazines are for reading purpose in the library and will not be issued.
  • The books are issued on First Come First Serve basis.
  • Maximum two course oriented books and one general book can be issued on a library card for the period of Fourteen days and Ten books to Faculty Members for the period of one month and two books to Non-Teaching Staff for the period of one month.
  • An overdue charge of Rs 1/- per volume per day will be levied if a book is kept beyond the permissible period of loan.
  • The issued books are not renewable on the same day
  • The Librarian is empowered to recall any book at any time if necessity arises.
  • Borrower will have to deposit the price of the damaged or lost books.
  • Readers shall not write upon, damage or mark any book, periodical, map or material belonging to the library.
  • Any damage to the library material i.e. books, furniture, almirahs and electronic equipment etc will strictly be charged the material’s price.

Books Section:

  • No. of books: 4076
  • Reference Books: 418
  • New Books: 771
  • Encyclopedias: 13
  • Magazines: 4
  • Journals: 4
  • News Papers: 8
  • Dictionaries: 4