Kirpal Sagar means ‘Ocean of Grace’ it illuminates the image of three: the wisdom of great men, the hard work of the workers and the art of the artists. The epitome of this illuminating image was founded in 1982. It is located in the north of India and a place, open to all people irrespective of caste, creed, colour and nationality.

The aim of Kirpal Sagar with its manifold facilities is to enable man to develop physically, socially, ethically and spiritually ultimately aiming to an all over perfection. Keeping in this view, Kirpal Sagar College of Education was established in 2007. Following are the sister concern of Kirpal Sagar project:

* Kirpal Sagar College
* Unity of Man.
* Kirpal Sagar Academy.
* Kirpal Sagar Charitable Hospital.
* K.H. Public School.
* Kirpal Father’s Home ( old age home)
* Kirpal Sagar Guest House
* Kirpal Sagar Dairy Farm( Organic)
* Biji SurinderKaur Welfare Society
* Kirpal Nursing Institute
* Kirpal Ashram for Orphanage

And others major projects are under processing.