In order to develop competence in basic skills involved in teaching, the students will get an opportunity to observe the model lessons in the teaching subjects offered in the B.Ed. course. These lessons are delivered by the respective subject teachers, in the actual class room situation. After the model lessons the students can discuss their doubts and seek clarification from their subject teachers. When the students have developed some insight in the basic skills involved in teaching they are sent to schools for block teaching practice. Before block teaching practice, the students will get opportunity to observe micro lessons and deliver lessons in simulated conditions. The purpose of micro lessons is to develop competency in basic skills required in a composite lesson.


After the model lessons, students are divided into groups and are sent to different schools for learning the art of teaching in actual class-room and school environment. However, the allotment of schools will depend upon the requirement of the schools for taking students of particular subjects. Change of school is not allowed, unless the Principal & concerned teacher incharge are convinced that the change in necessary. During this block teaching practice, the students are directly under the charge of the Principal of the school and will discharge all duties assigned by him/her. One teacher of the college will be associated with each school for guidance to the students. During their stay in the school the students will observe complete discipline and demonstrate a sense of responsibility while discharging all duties of a pupil teacher, as assigned by the Head of the institution


After the block teaching practice, each student is required to deliver four composite discussion lessons in the two teaching subjects offered by him/her in the B.Ed. course. The students are also required to deliver two micro-discussion lessons one in each subject. These lessons are prepared, written, corrected and then finally recorded on the discussion lesson note book. For delivering the lessons each student is allotted a group, one student delivers the lesson, other members of the group will observe and record their impressions about the lesson. The teacher incharge will evaluate the lesson with the active participation of other students of the group. Each lesson will be evaluated out of 100 marks.


There will be no change or shifting in the schools for the students for short duration and long duration school teaching practice. This practice is continued till the final skill in teaching examination is held. The students should regularly maintain the record of delivered lessons during this practice and get the note book signed by the teacher incharge and get a completion certificate from the head of the institution, of having delivered 60 lessons (with a break up as 25 composite lessons and 5 micro lessons for each teaching subject offered.) The final skill-in-teaching exam will be conducted in a real class room situation. While evaluating the lesson due weightage will be given to the discussion lessons record note book, teaching practice and earlier discussion lesson delivered during the year.