Kirpal Sagar College of Education began with Biji Surinder Kaur’s dream to create an institution where students would be educated to actualize their Potential and succeed as human being. It is an institution striving not only for academic excellence but producing seasoned human being who shall take the reigns of nation and become valuable asset in the great progeny of teachers. Keeping in time with the development in the educational strategies around the globe Kirpal Sagar College of Education has been envisioned to develop into a strong centre for providing total quality in teacher education. We are committed to contribute to future of the nation by creating seamless education opportunities. We are also committed to a very good quality of teaching learning process with having maintained high grade discipline among staff and student and to achieve sky scraping point superiority in academic by maintaining a conducive atmosphere for studies.
In another view, we aim at development of our student at different level by proper encouragement, guidance and Support and generation of In-house resources for sports, cultural, meditation etc followed by giving them a confidence to feel free at home.
We are quite self assured for the molding and nurturing of our students as young bright, dynamic, talented and responsible citizen by raising our actions to at high quality teacher education


Dr. (Mrs.) Baltinder Kaur