For every institutes successful running is depending upon the students. To provide them a safe roof and to make them successful following facilities are provided:

  • Financial Assistant: in the form of scholarship, fee concession to needy students.
  • Book Bank: facility is available in the college where the needy students get books for the entire session on the recommendation of the Principal.
  • Hostel Facility: College has its own hostel facility for girls and boys. The College has appointed a Warden for hostel who looks after day to day functioning of the hostel and supporting staff. Application for hostel accommodation is to be submitted by the student on the prescribed form available in the office. The college management has been entrusted with the overall responsibility of directing and functioning of the hostel and maintaining discipline. Recreation gadgets like Television and Stereo system are also available. Modern facilities are provided in the hostel.
  • Transport Facility:For the convenience of the students the management provides buses from Rahon to college and back.
  • Student Council: For the help of students and to develop of leadership qualities, democratic outlook and good citizenship student council is formed. In which with the mutual co-operation of all students President, Secretary and CR (Class- Representative) are elected for the every academic session.

List of Members of Student Council (2010-2011)

President:   Suman

Secretary:   NarinderKaur

Class Representative Sections- A:   Harpreet Singh

Class Representative Sections-B :   Beula

    • Remedial Classes: All the students are not of the same mental and intellectual level. They need some extra care and attention. To solve the difficulties and problems of such students remedial classes are conducted.
  • Enrichment Programme : To raise their intellectual level, to achieve good marksin Final Exams , to furnished their skills and abilities and basic values like fair competition, group work, adjustment, co-operation, tolerance etc. college organised various activities every year. These are as follow:

•     Extension Lecture.
•     Demonstration lesson on various subjects by subject experts.
•     Different Competitions like on the spot Teaching- aid preparation, Skill in Teaching Competition, Flower Competition, Extempore, Wall Magazine competition, Talent Hunt, House Competition etc.
•     Cultural Programme i.e. Dee Punjab Di, Bashakhi Fair, Lohari Celebration, Diwali Celebration etc.
•    Inter College Competition provides the platform to the students for participation in various fields where they compete with other college students and enrich their knowledge and also learn the competitive skills.
•    Intra College Competitions are organised to make their performance better in the various competition and to exhibit and train their skills and abilities.